Are You Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset?

No company is safe from cyber crime. With security breaches at an all-time high, quality protection is an absolute necessity across all industries. If you need to upgrade your security, now is the time.

Project: Architect a 12TB Enterprise Security Big Data Platform

“We are VERY pleased with the progress we’ve made to date with Splunk (understatement) and we know full well that this progress is due to[Vivatas Principal Consultant] James. Your talent, your work ethic, and your leadership have been influential in [our] successful deployment of Splunk. You have helped us take our [cybersecurity] monitoring to the next generation and we greatly appreciate and value all your hard work and late nights!! Please accept our thanks and great job!”

Large Healthcare Provider

You Deserve Peace of Mind

We are cyber security experts with the solutions needed to protect your company. Our consultants perform extensive security assessments and create the best possible plan to keep your data safe. Using Splunk at the center of our solutions, we can structure it to complement your existing resources or completely replace any previous software. 

Are You Protected?

  • There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds
  • In 2018, hackers stole half a billion personal records
  •  More than 77% of organizations do not have a Cyber Security Incident Response plan
  • 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error

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