Project Information

  • Client Industry: Banking
  • Location : Southeastern United States
  • Project Length : Two Weeks

Project Information

Transitioning Splunk SIEM

We entered a short, two-week engagement with a client in the banking industry to assist in transitioning the company to Splunk SIEM. The client previously used ArcSight and struggled implementing this new Splunk solution. Our consultants worked with the client’s engineers to begin transferring data while also educating them on Splunk and its capabilities.

To save our client time and money, we ultimately created a repeatable process that allowed their team to complete the transition.

Project Challenges

  • The users had a limited knowledge of Splunk 
  • The client was struggling to really implement this new solution

Project Results

  • Users had a much greater understanding of Splunk and its data capabilities.
  • In 2 weeks, we transferred 30 percent of legacy data into this new Splunk platform
  • Our team provided a repeatable Splunk process that enabled the client to complete the transition process

Why Splunk?

Data can come in through any format the end-user needs.

Splunk allows a new user to come in and manipulate data quickly.

Other platforms require advanced technical knowledge.